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Wavelets analysis

hi all,


I have acquired several time dependent signals where should be hiden the natural frequencies of a structure I am studying. The main problem is that I have too much noise because the structure is under flowing water. The "good" point is that noise sources are of different nature so their bandwith should be different so it should not be that difficult to isolate the response to the excitation signal. I'm starting to work with wavelets with the aim of building a spectogram which shows the different natural frequencies of the structure when the excitation signal passes over them.

Do you think wavelet analysis is a good starting point? If so, how would you face this problem?



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Hi all again,


I would appreciate some help with my signal denoising... the point is that once I have fix my threshold I don't really know what level of decomposition is required. Any idea or it's an issue of trial and error?



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