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Waveform graph

Can someone explain whats the issue why nothing is being produced on the waveform graph

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There is stuff being produced on the graph.  Perhaps it is your settings.  I know your defaults for frequency are set for 0 Hz.


Do you know that a graph has no history?  The only thing displayed is what is generated within that iteration of the while loop.


A waveform chart does maintain a history, so if you want an ever growing "graph", you need to use a waveform chart.  That or build up the signals within the loop, and store the results in a shift register so it can be saved to be combined with the loop's next iteration.

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A graph is a consumer, not a producer. It currently displays exactly what you tell it to and as Ravens already said it will be more interesting if you set frequencies to not zero (try 10 or 20).


One of your express VIs outputs 1000 samples while the other outputs 100 samples, so the sine trace (red) will be 10x longer as expected. If you don't want that, match the output sizes.


Note that if you would set the "simulate acquisition timing" option, you would not need the wait (your wait is currently not matched to the data anyway)


Maybe you should explain what you are trying to see on the graph.

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