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Waveform Graph AutoScale Issue

Firstly, to give some context, my waveform graph plots a large line reading data from a spreadsheet. A FOR loop then runs and draws a new line taking in user input starting at 0 seconds. The user must adjust their input to follow that original large line plotted. However, since the dataset is very large and lasts 10 minutes, I need a way to zoom in to make it easier to follow. Turning AutoScale X off and manually reducing the maximum time value doesn't work because the graph doesn't move along once exceeding that manually set value. So is there a way to move along the X scale?

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You can set X scale min and max...

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using LV2016/2019/2020 on Win8.1/10+cRIO
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  • Enable the Graph Palette to have tools to zoom and pan the graph live.
    Also: Graph Palette Is Too Small or Display Graph Palette
  • Double-click the axis' min or max value while the program is running and type a new value you want to have. Press Enter at the end.


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Thanks for the answers guys. I discovered that you can programmatically change the range using XScale.Maximum and XScale.Minimum which is what I need. I'll throw it in my for loop to make a check for when the iteration exceeds the maximum to transition it to the next range.

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