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Visual Studio C# Methods doesn't appear

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When I work with some class made on Visual Studio in a external environment (LabVIEW/Unity), the methods that i created are not visible so I can't use them.

I used to work without any problem a few months ago, I don't know what happened.

Could anybody help me with this?


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Check it isn't related to LabVIEW / Framework compatibility. LabVIEW versions earlier than 2013 only supported CLR 2.0 unless forced to otherwise via a config file change (which might be why it stopped working if you are working on another machine etc.).


Also check what's loaded into memory:

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Did you change the method or the entire object class to be static? In that case you won't need an object instantiation but simply use the LabVIEW property or method node set to the right calls to invoke the static method or attribute call.

Rolf Kalbermatter
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I use LabVIEW 2015 and Visual Studio 2015 Professional/Visual Studio 2017 Community and I have tried changing the version of .NET Framework,

I used to do my classes on Visual and using them in LabVIEW without any problem, but suddenly the methods were not visible, i thought it was a LabVIEW problem

But then working with Unity, my classes methods didn't appear 

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Another option you could try is to create another project in your Visual Studio solution (say a Console-based one) that uses your 'suspect' project as a dependency and then try to access the same class properties and methods.


Maybe give us some example code to work with and we can provide some better suggestions. If you provide the actual assembly (.dll) file we can also probe that to see if there is anything strange going on.

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Someway there was some .NET libraries missing, so I searched to download again.

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