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Visual Source Safe VI checked out but cannot edit

I am using LabView 7.1 and Visual Source Safe (VSS). Previously, I have created several VI's and used VSS to manage them without a problem. I received a VI (and sub VIs) from another company location -- I copied them into my local directory -- and copied them from there into VSS.

I then check out the files (using VSS or using LabView|Tools|SourceCodeControl ... I have tried both) but I am not allowed to edit the VI -- all I get is the "operate" cursor. VSS shows the VI as "checked out". My local directory shows that the VI file does not have the "R" attribute (read only) set. So I should be able to edit the VI, but I cannot. ????

If I try to use LabView|Tools|SourceCodeControl to check the file out again ... I get an error, stating that I already have the file checked out, and I cannot check it out again. LabView seems to "know" that I have the file checked out, so what might be preventing me from editing it? [I tried different settings in the tool palette, but regardless of what is set, I only see the "operate" cursor when I try to work on the VI.]

I am relatively new to LabView, and have only been using it with VSS for a couple of months now . . . . so it could easily be something simple that I am overlooking...
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Apparently the VI author sent me the file in the "locked" state. To change to edit mode I had to use the LabView menu command "Operate|Change to Edit Mode".

To the LabView user interface designers . . . . I wanted to *edit* the file. Why would I look under the "Operate" menu for a selection that would let me edit the file?? Wouldn't you think that most users instinctively will look under, I don't know . . . say the "Edit" menu for a selection that would enable edit mode?

Maybe the "Change to Edit|RunMode" selection should be under both menu items?
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Hi Rich,

I'm happy that your issue was solved.

Now, for the suggestion about placing the "Change to Edit/Run Mode" in the "Edit" menu - that DOES sound like an intuitive choice. However, I can also see the logic in having the menu item under the "Operate" menu - for choosing how to operate your front panel and block diagram.

I would recommend you (and anyone else with good ideas) to submit your Product Suggestions through the 'feedback' link on Our R&D team will then look into the possibilities of implementing the feature in future versions of LabVIEW.

We appreciate your ideas, thanks.
- Philip Courtois, Thinkbot Solutions

Thinkbot Solutions
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