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Visio stencil with National Instruments Components

I realize that this forum is about software, but maybe some of you have
heard someone talking about this subject.

I am looking for a Visio stencil that contains National Instruments

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The only Visio I know is a flowchart, software flow diagram, circuit diagram, etc. software program that microsoft purchased some time ago.  I am not sure what ties to hardware it may have, or if you're talking about some other Visio hardware system, but you may try posting to the data acquisition (daq) forum to see if someone has heard of this.
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The attachment shows a portion of a Visio drawing of mine that is part of a tester's documentation. It just shows the ups and rack mount computer but you can get an idea of what can be done. The image consists of two separate Visio 'stencils'. These stencils are part of an add-on to Visio that I bought. The latest version of the add-on (which I don't have), also has some NI pxi equipment. These types of stencils are what he is looking for and he's aware of the add-on (from another post) but doesn't want to spend the money so he's looking to see if anyone has created them. We design/document all of our testers with Visio.

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