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Virtual Bench incorrect example code (for DC FGEN output)



I am using the example code from here:  for a virtualbench 8012. It can generate arbitary waveforms just fine, however when I ask it for a DC signal it runs without error but without actually applying a DC signal to the FGEN output.


Has anyone else experienced this or have a solution?


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Hi md12g12!

Here's a link that may help you, if that does not help let me know and I'll look for another solution for you!

Best Regards, Monse

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Thanks, thats basically what I am doing, however that approach does not allow you to specify a DC signal. In the example I linked to, DC is one of the options (along with square, sine etc) however it appears not to function at all. Is there another way of generating a DC signal? I have played around with applying my desired DC offset to a square signal of ~0v amplitude but that seems like a very poor work around?



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Can you attached the code? I'm going to check some things and if I got it I'll tell you!


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Im afraid im not at a pc with labview installed for a while, but I am using the exact VI download from the linked page.


Im using this in standard waveform. DC does nothing whilst the other waves work.

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Here is the vi I am trying to use. Settings are:

Waveform - DC

Amplitude - 5V

Duty Cycle - 50

Frequency - 1k (Hz)

DC Offset - 0V

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