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Vi works in highlight execution but not in normal

There's something screwy going on here.  In your code, you set up VISA and enable termination characters, and specify SOH (when a more common sequence is <CR><LF>).  Then you show several examples of arrays of strings, with the final two strings being 0D and 0A.  What is curious about that particular string is that the normal EOL, <CR><LF>, when converted to a Byte Array of unsigned byte (there's a function in the String palette to do this) and expressed in Hex is precisely the array [D, A].


I wonder if "protocols" are getting mixed up, and what should be being output is a string (possibly with several components, possibly separated by, say, commas), followed by the normal EOL (also on the String Palette).  That makes more logical sense to me ...


Bob Schor

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