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Variant data


I am using an ActiveX DLL in my current LabVIEW project, something
that I have never done before 🙂

I use one of the DLL's methods to receive Variant data and then use
the "Variant to Data" to try and receive and array of floats that I
then want to plot to a chart. At the moment I am only getting 0.00 for
all the values and I know that this should not be the case. I create
an indicator for the Variant and this is the information I can get.

OLE Variant

Variant Type -> VT_ARRAY|VT_R4
Value -> Array(Non Displayable)

I have also tried the "Get Variant Attribute" VI but don't get any
values for either 'name(s)' or 'value(s)'.

Using "Variant To Flattened String" gives me an array of
integers for
the type string: 6,132,1 and nothing in the data string.

Any ideas?


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