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VIT embedded in webservice

Dear NI


I have embedded the VIT in labview webservice(using vi publishing tecnique not exactly but take the idea of vi publishing).

this VIT is shown on some page.

When i check in development mode the VIT successfully embed and works fine.

But when i made executeable of my application the message come on webpage that the requested vi is not loaded into memory.

please help me in this regard.



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mazhar, unfortunately I'm not familiar with VIT. If this is close to our VI publishing technique then perhaps one of this resources might give you a clue:


- How Do I Enable LabVIEW Web Server or Use Remote Panels With an Executable Built in LabVIEW?


I hope this helps

Alejandro C. | National Instruments
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thanx a lot alcava. cr i have fixed my problem and thanxs for your intrest n time. problem is due to ports reservation which is now fixed.



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