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VISA resource help

Over the last year I have been using a number of USB components that, to LabVIEW, look like COM ports.

My VISA Resource name now has 150 COM ports listed

Even though I only have 3 listen in MAX. Is there a way to clean out the VISA Resource pull down menu,

or have it list just then COM ports names that are in MAX?

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Right click the VISA resource control and select I/O filtering.
Under the general tab, the alias box should be check marked.  Select "Only for resources that VISA finds".
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I should have clarified and I am sorry

I need to do this in LV 7.1 and 7.0 as well.

There is no I/O filtering in 7.1 or 7.0

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Go old school and manually fix the visa ini file at in C:\VXIPNP\WinNT\NIvisa
the file is visaconf.ini

under the [aliases] section you can remove old resources - make sure the Numalias value gets changed to reflect the new number.  Save a backup first, and do this w/ MAX and LV closed.  You can even delete the whole file, open MAX and F5 to rebuild it.

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To clean everything out, with MAX closed, you can delete the file called visaconf.ini (c:\VXIpnp\WinNT\NIVisa if I remember correctly), then start MAX and do a refresh.
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Thanks that solved the problem
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