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Using Skype with Labview

I'm trying to get Labview to send an SMS text to a phone number using Skype. I've downloaded the files ( however when I try to run any VI like SKYPE_SDK_LaunchSkype or SKYPE_SDK_CheckSkypeRef I'm getting error 3008. It says Property Node (arg 1) in> Does anyone know how to set up the 'Skype ref'? I'm logged on to Skype while doing this. Thanks!

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Hey RadiumEDM,


This is a really cool application! I'm trying to get it working on my machine here too -- I did manage to get it to boot up and shut down once, but can't do it consistently yet. I'm going to keep investigating though. A few questions:


a) What version of skype are you using?

b) What version of skype4COM are you using?

c) When you try to manage connections in skype, do you see LabVIEW in the list? I don't, but it asks me for permission later (this was causing a problem for the launch VI initially)

d) I'm assuming you followed all of the steps in the "read me" file.


Let me know. It would be awesome to get this working.


Courtney L.

Applications Engineer

National Instruments

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b) 1.0.37
c) When I first tried to manage connections in Skype, I couldn't get it to show Labview. Once I ran the VI's, then it asked me for permission in Skype. Now when I go to "other programs' access" I see Labview, and it is allowed to make changes.
d) I read the readme file, but it only explains how to get ActiveX to work with Skype and Labview, which as I said I did get to work, though not in the recommended way.

Depending on how I set it up, sometimes I can get error code 97 instead of 3008. By the way, there's one more guy who made VI's to communicate between Labview and Skype (, however that gave me an error also (again sometimes 3008, sometimes 97).

I don't really care whether I use Skype or not--any 3rd party messenger service would do. I tried using CDYNE as given in the NI example (, but had some .NET errors I haven't solved yet.

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Hey RadiumEDM,


I was able to get most of his VIs to work. I can't check the SMS/Call ones because I don't have any money on my skype account though. I'm not sure if you were trying to run his VIs straight from his VI files (this is what I was doing at first and that was why I was getting Error 97) or if you created a new VI and pulled them into it. I was able to get Skype to start (only once) from his VI. Once Skype is open, this is the VI that I used to open a chat window and send a message to a friend (insert their user name and your message and it should be OK).




If you have LabVIEW 2011 you can drag that snippet into a blank block diagram and it will auto populate for you.


The reason this was happening is you need to physically pass the skype reference by wiring it between the different VIs.


Let me know if this works for you too!


Courtney Lessard 

Applications Engineer 

National Instruments

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No, still doesn't work for me. I built what you built (see attached) but still get error 3008. Since I'm not able to get his VI to open Skype for me, I had opened it manually before running the VI. I have Labview 9. (radiumedm2 is a second Skype account I have running on a nearby computer to see if it works)

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That looks right to me. I think the reason your reference isn't working might have something to do with the way you loaded that skype4COM.dll file. Could you walk me through the steps of how you loaded it?


I stuck those files in my System32 folder and ran the regsvr32 skype4COM.dll command. Initially I didn't put them in System32 so I ran regsvr32 and then the entire filepath to the skype4COM.dll (which I had saved on my desktop). I think the first method is the right one though.


Other than that, I'm running Skype version, skype4COM version1.0.37.0, LabVIEW 2011 (although it should work fine with versions back to 8.6), and Windows 7. 



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When I first tried to load the DLL from the System32 folder I got a "failed to load" error, but after trying it a few times it finally loaded. All I did was extract the three Skype4COM files to the System32 folder and use the command line regsvr32 skype4COM.dll. However, the VI still gives error 3008. I'm using Windows 7 64-bit, by the way.







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Hey RadiumEDM,


I'm simulating your set-up on a test machine with Win7 64 bit. When I try loading skype4COM it gives me an error saying it's may not be compatible with my version of windows. Did you get this error? If so, how did you get around it?


Courtney L.

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I saw this post and figured I would add to it. If you are using windows 7 64bit and try to download Skype4COM, it won't allow you to install when you place the files in the system32 folder.


If you download the full version of skype from the link below, the Skype4COM is installed automatically.


After the installation, I was able to see Skype in the ActiveX Class.



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Ah, thanks. After downloading that I was able to get Labview to tell Skype to chat with a different Skype account on another computer. But I still can't send SMS. When I use SendSMS I get the following error: Exception occured in Skype4COM.Skype.1:  SMS: CREATE SMS takes a list of phone numbers in>> Does anyone know how to fix this? I've tried different conventions for the phone number--with/without the area code, with/without a '1' in front, with/without a '+' in front... 

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