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Using Extended Validation (EV) Code Signing Cert with Application Builder

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I've used a regular code signing cert with Application Builder before without any problems, except for awhile afterwards you get an annoying message popping up saying basically "The cert is new, are you really sure you want to trust it?"  I was thinking of going through the process to get an EV code signing cert, so that the program will automatically be trusted.  However, I couldn't find any information on whether or not LabView supports that.  I'd hate to waste the money and go through the process only to find I can't use it.  Does anybody have experience with this, or know where I can find out if this works?

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Hi SmithGo,


By default, LabVIEW does not sign built applications.  If you want to sign an app and the installer you created, you need to buy a signing certificate from other vendors, like Verisign for example. Please follow these instructions to sign the application and the installer you have created:


Digitally Signing an Installer in LabVIEW Application Builder


You will need a Windows Signing tool to do this. The Windows Driver Kit includes the signing tool you need.


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Right, I've done all that before, no problems.  Like I said, I'm asking if the EV type of code signing cert is supported.  There are two types of code signing certs, regular and EV.  An EV cert involves using a hardware dongle during the signing process.  I do not know if the way LabView handles code signing would support that.  It probably would since it sounds like it just uses Microsoft's signing tool, but I wanted to make sure with somebody before spending the money and going through the effort.

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After consulting NI's documentation and third-party VIs, it seems LabVIEW does not support EV certificates.  I don't know if someone else has done this using a third-party software tool.


Kind regards,


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According to the fine people at Digicert, it does work and they have real world experience with it.  I decided to give it a shot and will report back with the results.

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Accepted by topic author SmithGo

The EV certificate worked without issue.  All you do is plug the USB key in, then launch LabView.  The certificate appears in the menu, and builds without issue.  LabView should make it clear somewhere that this is a valid option for them.

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