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User interface Description


I'm currently looking for a way to describe a complete UI for one component of my program, that would be managed in a subVI.
I can currently simulate this by creating a strict typedef with my controls and indicator and create a control with in my main VI.
Then I can pass the reference of this control to a subVI that handles all the logic.
However, I need to use controls that are disabled as indicator, which really doesn't feel right at all. (

Is there any proper way to do this kind of decoupling ? like having a kind of description file for a UI that could be used as both control/indicator ?
Subpanels are not an option as it is a cRIO project.

If there is a completely different solution to have this kind of simplification in the main VI it can be OK too.


here is an example of what I could achieve:


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to be a bit clearer , what I'm tryng to achieve is :

1. describe the user interface without cluttering the main VI (best would be in a separate file)

2. display this user interface in my main VI.

3. Do the whole processing part in a subVI.


The communication part between the main VI and the subVI is secondary (as it would indeed depend on the solution).

My main wish is to avoid cluttering the main VI as there are a lot of subsystems I want to simplify that way, as it is terribly difficult to handle.

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Not for beginners or the faint of heart, you might look at a XControl.


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reading the description it seems to be a way to solve my problem: They are represented on the block diagram by a single icon and hence dramatically reduce code size

However I had a look on the exemple code for XControls and it seems as you suggest in your answer... no so easy.


I will definitely have a look on this when I have time, but for now I need a simpler solution.

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I saw a presentation on the Q-Control toolkit at NI Week this year, you could look at that...


The presentation is available to watch if you're currently licensed to use the NI "center of excellence".

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Won't subpanels do?

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I saw a presentation on the Q-Control toolkit at NI Week this year, you could look at that...

It seems to be what I'm looking for, along with XControl.

I probably look at both when I have time.


In the meantime, I will solve my problem with a simpler solution although much messier.


Thank you

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Won't subpanels do?

It would be the perfect solution to my problem. it is made exactly for what I want to achieve.

Unfortunately... it is not available for cRIO devices.

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