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Use System Exec IrfanView to open JPEG file

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I am trying to use System Exec to call Irfanview to open a Jpeg file, and the following error occurs:


"Error 2 occurred at System Command was "iview32 c:\test3.jpg /hide=3 /pos=(30,30)"

"LabVIEW: Memory is full."

"NI-488: No Listeners on the GPIP"


I then tried to add "cmd /c" in front of the command but the DOS windows just flash open and close and then nothing happen.


I have no problem opening the jpeg in DOS command window.


Anyone can help?

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did you try to give the full path to 'iview32'? (as in 'c:\program files\iview32\iview32.exe' (I'm just guessing at the actual path information, you'll have to find the real path))

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you do not need to specify the full path as long as you have the path in your path variable


I think the problem may be that you are using the wrong program name I think it is i_view32 not iview32

- James

Using LV 2012 on Windows 7 64 bit
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The name "i_view32.exe" is the correct executable name. However, the path will also be dependent on the bitness of the OS. If installed in the default directory, this will be "C:\Program Files (x86)" on 64-bit operating system.

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At least on my system I also get error 2 when I don't specify the path. I think IrfanView does not add its installation directory to the path variable so it is not found when only providing the exe name.


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