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Use 3 button or property to change selection of radio buttons?

Hi all,
I have LV 7.1 and am trying to write a process that allows the user to select the next action following the execution of several Case Structure steps.  The VI is basically thus: (sorry I can't cut-n-paste a graphic, it's on another pc.)
While loop:--->radio button (Manual, Cycle, Auto Test)----> Case Structure (Manual, Cycle, Auto Test)--->Nested Case Structure within the "Auto Test" Case above with 13 cases ("0" to "12")
On case "12" of the nested case structure, I want to provide a 3-button dialog box (or something that works) which allows the user to select the next test mode (i.e. the 1st case structure: "Manual", "Cycle", "Auto Test").  I can't figure out how to send anything that the property node "Value" of the radio button can use for this selection.  When I create an indicator to see what is sent from the 3-button, it shows ("Left", "Center", or "Right") "Button" strings.  The radio button "Value" property node needs an enum.  The labels on the 3-button don't seem have any consequence. 
Any Suggestions? 
Best Regards,
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From what i understood, you want to pass a value to radio button 'Value' Property node. Right??
Althrough this property needs a enum( control/constant), you can also update it from a numeric constant ( see pic)
view the digital display of enum to get to know each instances's corresponding numeric value
Hope this helps
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Thanks for the reply.  I experimented with the Property Node and Radio Button control extensively and figured out my problem.  It had to do with the difference between Labels, Captions, and Boolean Text.  I believe I had a caption on one of my buttons rather than the label, so the property node didn't see it as an option.  Through all the help screens that had the option of explaining this to me, it wasn't until I had fixed the problem before I found one that addressed the differences between those terms.  I'll attach my experiment vi (created with LV 7.1) for anyone like myself (non-programmer, inexperienced LabVIEW'er) that would like to see the basic function.



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