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Urgent Help: Background correction

Hello All,


I am new to the camera labview programming. 


For my research work, I am using camera to grab the live image. I am stuck with one problem. 

how to treat the background?

I tried to subtract the constant value from the entire image, but with that i am loosing few of my data.

I know one solution, but I don't know how to implement this solution. 

Problem: how to take the values from the 4 corner of the image and subtract those value from entire image?


If anybody previously develop similar stuff then please help me out for this. 


Any help would be appreciate.




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Please attach an Image example, explain what you'd like to do (with the Image in mind), and attach the code that you have tried to use to accomplish your goals.  If you want to hire a LabVIEW Developer, there is a Board on the Forum for LabVIEW Developers available for hire ...


Bob Schor

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Here, is my VI that's what i tried. 


Other thing, you mentioned about hiring a developer. I couldn't find the link could you please tell me more about it. 



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