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Upgrade from 6.0 to 6.0.2 - your general thoughts.

If I upgrade to 6.0.2, I'll have to change a few machines in-house which run my exe's, and I'll have to change a machine "over the phone" with a user in another state. Will this be worth it? I looked at the changes.doc and it seems 6.0.2 fixes a lot of stuff, but in general; I'm having very few problems with 6.0 - a few Dr. Watsons currently, maybe a few per week, which causes my vi to fragment badly.
Any thoughts? Anybody want to talk me into spending $400 on the 6.1 upgrade?

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It's always a good idea to have the last patch installed ... and you'll resolve Dr.Watsons problem.
Anyway, if your code is not somehow related to known bugs (mentioned in changes.doc) may be intelligent to avoid unexpected surprises when trying to upgrade.
You may try to upgrade one in-house machine and see how smooth is the process. After that you can decide.

Regarding the 6.1 upgrade, I'm still thinking if I need those new features that bad. Anyway, I should have listened to that old saying ... "never buy .0 version" 😉

Good Luck
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