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Updating NI PXI Host

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I was reiyng to update a new PXI system with PharLap. In particular i need to upgrade NI DaqMX driver with the one on my PC. I receive the error shown:


with, more or less, any upgrading try i receive the same message. Am i stuck on the upgrading procedure?


Thank you very much,


Francesco Matassoni




PXI Host information:


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It sounds like you are running LabVIEW 2018 on your new system.  What was the "old system" using?  I think at some point, NI dropped Pharlap and went with a Real-Time Linux system (I'm still running Pharlap on my much older PXI controller, but recall a colleague buying a new controller, then having to replace it with an older model because of the RTOS change ...).


Bob Schor

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Thank you Bob,


it turns out that I hadn't the NI serial and NI 488 Real Time driver on my development system. Once upgraded this two features the system was able to update the PXI.


Thanks again for your support.



Why you think that NI dropped Pharlap? This is the second PXI system that we ordered (in 2019) and both had Pharlap installed.

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I suspect that NI is "consolidating".  Their other RT platforms (cRIO, for example) have been using a Linux kernel for some time, and I know that RT Vision for PXI dropped PharLap in LabVIEW 2019.


Bob Schor

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