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Update the positions into a radar screen


i'm working on a project that extracts position from GPS. I know that there is a way to show the position of the GPS receiver. I'm going one more step further, is there anyway where I could show the position of the GPS on a radar screenlike GUI?

Could anyone please kindly show we how to do it?

Thanks alot
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If you have the full or pro packages, there are several plots that you can use. If you have base, you will have to create your own from the X-Y Graph.

With the full and pro packages, you can use either the Radar Plot or the Polar Plot. On the Controls palette go to Graph then Controls. The are the first ones in either row. I prefer the Polar plot for its look, but it takes some conversion to get the data right.

You can use the example finder to show the Polar Plot demo and the Radar Plot demo.

I hope that this helps,
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