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Unit missing or error returned when Project Explorer open


I found out strange behaviour when I open VI from Project Explorer, and I don't know why is this happening.
It can be tested with files in attached archive.
When I open directly from directory (Project Explorer is not opened) and run it, everything is ok,
but when I open Project Explorer first, then and run it, there is no unit in waveform attributes or I get this error "Error -200378 occurred at Property Node DAQmx Scale (arg 2) in DAQmx Create Scale (Linear).vi:1->", "Possible reason(s): Custom scale specified does not exist."
Can anyone help me with this?

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Hello Andrej,
       Thank you for posting example code that succintly reproduced the issue.  I took a look at your code and saw the same behavior of the unit name being blank with the project explorer open.  The workaround that I found was creating a DAQmx scale in the project and using that in the VI.  I have altered the VI and the project.  Please confirm that this works on your end.  I think what might be happening is that LabVIEW is looking at the project for a custom scale and then mistakenly disregarding the scale you have in the VI.

Have a great weekend,

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Hi Nathan,

Thank you for your help. I was aware of this work around before and it works. But I can not help with it because I create scale and channel interactively in application and can not be defined before because I don't know input parameters in advance.
It is annoying when I have to close Project Explorer to debug VI.

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       This was reported to R&D (# 4886QBZQ) for further investigation. Thanks for the feedback!

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