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Uninstall using Package Manager


I am unable to install some files in Windows 10. Any ideas? 

I tried running as administrator. 



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What are you trying to do?  And (possibly more important!), what have you already done?


If you are trying to uninstall all NI Software (LabVIEW, drivers, support stuff, etc.), except for the Error Message that is showing, what I see looks OK.  You must use NIPM to remove NI Software -- "forcing" removal will probably lead you to the following "fix":  Step 1 -- reformat the C: Drive.  Step 2 -- reinstall Windows.  Trust me, you don't want to go there.


I notice that you have a message to "upgrade NIPM".  You might want to do that first ...


If you do want to remove all NI Software, start with either "Settings" or "Control Panel", and Add/Remove Software.  Look for National Instruments Software, and choose "Uninstall".  It should start NIPM.  Go ahead and select everything -- it deliberately prevents you from selecting NIPM, itself.  That's "normal".  


If it "chokes", try uninstalling, say, 30 Packages at a time.  Reboot between Uninstalls.


When you have everything except NIPM removed, be sure that there are no "extra" things hidden and not displayed.  Be sure the "Products only" box has been both Checked and UnChecked (to see if anything is "hiding").


Once NIPM is truly the only thing left, select it (now you should be able to do so), and remove it.  Reboot.


If you still get errors, and NIPM doesn't do anything, stop and call NI (or get a LabVIEW Guru to pay you a visit).  Otherwise, be sure to have your Windows Installation Disk ready ...


Bob Schor.  

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