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Passing an external signal through Analog input to Analog Output using USB DAC 6001



I am fairly new to LabVIEW and have been working through the YouTube tutorials and examples that are out there. Having said that I am a bit stumped with something I am working on that I hope someone can help me with. 


I have a load cell that goes to a strain gauge conditioner, the output of which I pass to my NI DAC USB 6001, as an analog input (AI0). It works fine and I get what I need. What I would like to do is pass this as an analog output signal to use as an external input on a Piezo actuator. This directly feeds the HV amplifier of the Piezo. The ultimate goal is to create a PID controller using the strain gauge/load cell in a closed loop configuration with the piezo. However, before getting to that step, I'd like to understand whether what I am proposing is achievable with the DAC I have, or whether I need a FIFO module (which I was hoping the DAC could fill in as). I could just use LabVIEW with the Piezo actuator output and skip reading the strain gauge reading, but I'd like to have some functionality with the load cell before feeding it into the piezo. I have copied below the VI I use to get a load cell reading. I have tried writing the results after the read task in the while loop, to see if I could generate an AO signal with that, but I couldn't find an output, or somewhere to read it out. I found something similar when trying to use the DAC Assistant blocks, but maybe I did it wrong. Anyway, some guidance/help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance. 



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