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USRP power consumption

Hi all,


I was wondering if anybody was able to measure the power consumption of an NI USRP since I am interested in in investigating how different algorithms affect it. 


I would highly appreciate any advice!!!

Thank you in advance.


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Hi elhatzi,


I am not sure if it is possible to measure the power consumption of the USRP from within itself (by using a VI in LabVIEW or by monitoring it in MAX).


Another solution might be to use a standard mains power meter, which can be found in stores or online for less than 20 pounds. These meters plug in the mains, and you plug any device into the meter. The meter then displays the power drawn by the appliance.


Does this help?

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Thank you for your reply but I think that with this approach I could measure the whole device's power consumption so I am not sure if I could see any difference in the whole power consumption if an efficient transmission scheme is applied for example where the power is in the order of mW. Ideally I would like to measure the consumption fo the traseiver. 

Any other suggestions?




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