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Deployment to TouchPanel and sbRIO connected to standalone PC

My setup has a non-networked PC connected to an NI TPC-2206, Touch Panel which is then connected to a compact RIO.  I can connect the RIO to the PC directly for deployment.  


The PC I want to deply with has MAX but no LabVIEW installed.  What is the best way to deploy updates to the touch panel and RIO?  Due to the nature of the system, I cannot connect by development PC with LabVIEW and LV Real-Time software installed to the TouchPanel or RIO.  I can put files on the other PC via disc, but that is my only method for now.


I have read some about different target replication applications and APIs, but they seem to involve installing application/exe on a standalone PC, not deploying from a standalone PC to a separate real-time system or Touch Panel.


This is probably easier than the chasing my tail that I'm currently doing with it.  

Any help straightening me out would be much appreciated!





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Hi Riley,


Are you referring to the Replication and Deployment (RAD) Utility?


Here is the documentation on how to connect to the devices via FTP:


Also, here are the best practices for deploying to each TPC:


And here is the specific documentation for the 6" TCP family:



Nick A.




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