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USB device autentication

Hi Guys,


I am having no idea how to go ahead with the below mentioned problem:


I am having 2 usb device connected to my laptop. I need to first recognize the USB device then authenticate the same programaticaly.


Can anyone help me how to go ahead with solving the problem.




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Please be more specific.

What are these USB devices? Do you have its drivers?

Once you install the driver the device will appear in MAx & then you can program or control it.

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Does device type make any difference? the interface is USB.


Consider a scenario wherein I have connected two pendrive of capacity 4 GB in my two USB slots in laptop.


The NI Max software will recongnize that devices. Now How to import this data to my LabVIEW application from NI max.


Based on the information received like partnumber I need to authenticate the USB device.


Please let me know if anyone has any idea?

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Use VISA propertty node & give VISA reference of your USB device as seen in your MAX to it.


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If you attach a pendrive you access it as a drive as you would on your normal hard drive.  You don't need to do anything with USB at all.


I don't understand your problem.



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Do you see your device in MAX? The device type is possibly of importance, USB is just an interface, how the manufacturer uses it with their device is the important part. Some devices provide a serial number, some don't, some show up as "serial COM" ports, some as external hard drives, some don't show in MAX at all. I have a digital I/O card that does not show up in MAX, has to be ID'd using the supplied USB driver, and then doesn't provide a unique ID, so you have no way of determining which DIO is which, it is dependent on which one got "plugged in" first. NI's USB-serial cards do have individual serial numbers, so theirs can be ID'd no matter which "COM port#" they show up as. So knowing more about what you are using and whether you can see it in MAX might help.

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