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URL Get HTTP Document cannot load some ulr



I am reading some data from an oscilloscope using the Internet Toolkit 


I can download the image of the oscilloscope screen using the vi "URL Get HTTP Document"

with the URL "http://.../Image.png"


But "URL Get HTTP Document" returns an error with this other URL "http://...?setupsend=getsetup.set"

This URL is valid because I tested in a browser

The error is:

Code=54, Source=TCP Open Connection in URL Get HTTP


I know the problematic URL has the structure of an URL produced by a HTML form

but I could not find other VI to perform the task


Is there any other VI available for this?

Any suggestions please





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Why are you using the Internet Toolkit instead of VISA? What scope? Did you look for a driver?

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Hi Dennis


Thanks for your fast reply


Yes, I am also using VISA and I have an instrument driver for the oscilloscope

I need the Internet Toolkit only to download the screen image because there is not command to retrieve that information

For this the VI "URL Get HTTP Document" works fine


Just few minutes ago I found a command to retrieve the information I was trying to get from the URL "http://...?setupsend=getsetup.set"

Thus the problem was solved with VISA as you suggested


But now I am curious about the limitation of "URL Get HTTP Document" to manipulate those kind of URL


So I will keep the question open

How can I download a file from an URL like "http://....?var=value"   ?






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