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UDP Read problem on cRIO

Hi all,


I am using a cRIO 9036 to communicate with a third-party device using UDP to read data and send commands (the device is a SMA Sunny Webbox). The communication is based on a remote procedure call - RPC, and is described here:


It works fine when I use LabView running on my PC. However, when I run the same VI on the cRIO, no data is received (UDP Read vi) and I end up getting a timeout error. I've tested UDP write and it works fine (cRIO sending commands to the Third party Device is ok!).


The VI is in annex. The cRIO sends a request and the third party device is supposed to answer once the request is received. 



To further test any connection issues, I have emmulated a UDP server on my PC to communicate with the CRIO operating standalone, and in this case the cRIO was able to both read and write to the PC. The cRIO, PC and the Third-party device I am trying to communicate with are on the same network. The cRIO is connected to the network via 9036's Ethernet port 1.

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