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Trouble with Running 2 Parallel While Loops

I am using my PC as a Host and a Rio as the Target. The Rio has a Stepper servo motor Controller connected to it and an Arduino Uno connected via the USB port. The target receives commands from the host to control the stepper motor and it sends the data received from the arduino via serial to the host. The Host (PC) sends commands to the target regarding motor control and receives and processes data that the target receives from the arduino.


The Host and Target communicate via Network Shared Variables. I am having issues where my host (PC) keeps running the motor controller but will only execute the process of calculating the data received from the target once.


I am fairly new to labview and was wondering if you could help provide some direction in how i can fix this issue? I see that some posts mention running the while loops in parallel but how do you implement that? and is the another solution that is more effective than that?


Include the project files for reference 

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Sure you need to use loops to have multiple executions.

But why you want to use cRIO and Arduino together?

For example you can directly connect Arduino to PC and receive (sent) data from (to) Arduino using LabVIEW and LINX

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