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Trouble with LabVIEW RTE creating lvs****.tmp file

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When an application is started it creates 3 files in the OS' temp folder; one txt file which contains a boot log, one lvl********.rsc file, and an lvs****.tmp file (lvs59BE.tmp e.g.). 
Are tehse file creations documented anywhere? In any case, the lvs-file has an MZ header identifying it as a DOS-executable....and one of our customers who is using Appblocker is having trouble running our applications because of this. Appblocker will flag the lvs file as illegal to execute, and LabVIEW RTE fails to launch properly due to this.


Now hopefully we can get the customer to adjust Appblocker to allow the process, but it would help if there is any additional information about the reason for this file, and if there is a way to change the behaviour (e.g. locate the file somewhere else etc.). I have not found much about it here on, but perhaps someone here knowns more about it or can provide such documentation?

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This is not a DOS executable but in fact a DLL. And that is because your LabVIEW program somewhere makes use of a VI that still uses a Code Interface Node (CIN). CINs in LabVIEW 32-bit are in fact special DLLs embedded in the VI resource. In order to use them LabVIEW has to extract them from the VI resource to a local file somewhere and then load them as a normal shared library and link to the CIN specifc exported function.

You should try to find out which VI is still using a CIN (there might be one somewhere in the LabVIEW library though NI tried to get rid of CINs for a long time already). It could also be a VI that you were downloading from somewhere that still contains a CIN. As long as you stay in 32-bit LabVIEW they still work for backwards compatibility reason, but porting to 64-bit LabVIEW is not really possible as NI has stopped supporting CIN creation before they released the first 64-bit version of LabVIEW in 2009.

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