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Trouble with Elapsed Time function

Sorry about that, altenbach. Started the response, got sidetracked, and then when I refreshed the post I saw Matt's responses and was responding to that as well as the comment regarding state machines which I had remembered.
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Can you look this over and tell me if this is how you do "state machine architecture"?  The elapsed time still does not start at 0 for every loop but it still runs for the correct number of you have any ideas?  Thanks.
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I wouldn't really call this VI a state machine.  For a good example of a state machine, you can create one from a template by going to New... >> VI >> Frameworks >> Design Patterns >> Standard State Machine, or you can use the State Diagram Toolkit to create one. 
To answer your question about the elapsed time VI.  If the input for the start time is 0 and the time is reset, it gets the current time as the start time, otherwise, it is the offset, in seconds, from January 1, 1904 12:00 AM.  This is all documented in the help for the elapsed time VI if you open the detailed help in the context help window.
Brian Coalson

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