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Triggering led

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Hi Nadjil,


This could be a useful link


Also, this could be because your incoming data can only be represented in the DBL format. In this case, you MIGHT need to change your code a bit.


Its a shame I cannot look into your code.


Also, have you considered giving Kudos 🙂

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Hi RedAG,


Thank you for your link. I read it and I looked again on the website of NI. But still not solved my problem. I am getting array and k8055 don't accept array. k8055 only accept value not array.


I am blocked by this problem, otherwise I have to look for another hardware to work with.


I will keep trying to see how far I can go with it.


I add my file, I will be happy to tell me how I can solve this problem. Now I want to generate a square pulse to my Led. I did it but different between array and value. I think when you look to my code, it will be clear.


Kind regards,


By the way what is Kudos??? 

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Hi Nadjil, 


I cannot open your file as my LabVIEW version is 8.5 and your file was created in 9.1, sorry.


I understand what your problem is. I am unfortunately not familiar with k80055 and it's working.


I would suggest, istead of wasting time trying to get this to work, perhaps it is better to buy a NI device? In the NI device, it will be easier to communicate and pass data and instructions between.


Kudos are like points. You can give it to anyone whos post you find helpful or if you just feel like it. If you go to this discussion, you will find a small "kudo" button for each post. Press on it if you have found any posts helpful if you want to.


Hope this helps. You can maybe talk to your professor about your situation?



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Dear RedAG,


Never mind, I got a signal now. k8055 does not have timing. I have to give a value only. I solved this problem with FOR loop.


Now I want to apply a square signal after t=10 min. (for e.g. or any t value).

First: Unity function (ON)

Second: Pulses with t duration of 2 sec.


I have both done, but I need to build a block with IF statement or blocks that can give me what I need to have. 



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I am almost done with the send stage of my project. I got what I want. Now I just need to do some improvment. I need a timer. I found example but I can not run it on 2010 the exmaple is 2012. Because I am using to version of LabVIEW. How can I convert from 2012 to 2010 or is there a timer example in 2010 smiller to what I found in 2012.


Or I need only timer for my project.


Kind regards,

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Hi Nadjil, good to hear you are making progress. If you want to convert your version, post it here


In the subject to the pst, give your current version and to which version you want to convert it to.

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Hi RedAG,


Long time ago. As you know I finished my second stage. I have to do the hardware now, I do have some problem with it but it will be done within a week or two weeks.


I have question about conversion. You send me a link before about conversion. But I can not find what I am looking for. I have I32 input I need DBL do you know to get that?
I have input of I32 I want to display my data on waveform graph (but it is double-DBL) is that possible or not?


As you know I am using k8055. It is not so helpful but I don't have another choice now. I get input signal from sensor, I have to put it in an array or waveform graph. I have to read the time between the pulses and put it in array or file. What can I use or do you have tips for me where I have to look?

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Sorry Nadjil, I thought you meant converting the version of your Labview code from one version to another.


Have a look at the above links. They might be useful in your conversion needs.



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Thank you for your fast reply, but that not what I am looking for.

I made a picture for my work. I hope can explain what I want to do.

I want to conect the waveform graph to the "call library function Node". I need to convert from I32 to DBL.


Screen Shot 2013-06-28 at 3.02.27 PM.png


I hope this clear to you, what I want to do first 

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