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Tree control: Identifying drop between items

I am using a system tree control and am implementing drag-and-drop functionality within the control.  I'm running in to a few problems (LV 2010):


1.)  Even if I uncheck "Allow Dropping Between Items", a horizontal bar still appears between items when I'm dragging and dropping.  Actually, I'm not sure what this setting is for as I can drop between items whether or not this is selected.

2.)  The only way I could find to identify where an item had been dropped is by getting the point under which the mouse is hovering and use the "Point to Row Column" method to return the item tag under the drop location.  The problem is that the drop line may appear either after or before the item over which the cursor is hovering, yet I can't find a way to programmatically identify the "in-betweenness" of the drop location.


Any suggestions?

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Hi Synaesthete,


I wasn't able to reproduce the behavior you are seeing in issue #1.  I tried it in LabVIEW 2010 SP1 and the horizontal bar only appears when the "Allow Dropping Between Items" option is checked.  Do you have any other details that would help me recreate this error on my machine?


I'm not sure I fully understand your second issue.  When you say "identify where an item had been dropped," do you mean strictly programmatically?  Some more details about your overall goal will help me try and figure out a workaround for you.


Jared R.
Precision DC Product Support Engineer
National Instruments
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