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Tree Symbol Size



I have a tree control where a user checks off items prior to starting a test. Since adding a touchscreen, the checkbox size is rather small for most fingers. I am wondering if there is a way to change the displayed size of the symbols to make them more appropriate for a touchscreen (i.e. I'd like the checkbox symbol to be about 2x larger).




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Thanks smercurio_fc  -- I had already found that example and tried it. I resized the symbols, and when I loaded the custom symbols, they got resized back to the original size for display.


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Bummer. Don't know if this is a viable option for you, but another way to do it is to use Microsoft's TreeView control, but that has its own limitations, like resizing other items (like the + and - symbols when you use larger images).
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What is Microsoft's Tree Control? Is it something I can use off the fron panel?



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I was referring to Microsoft's TreeView control. It's an ActiveX control that you can place on your front panel. An example of using it ships with LabVIEW (search for "activex"). It's called "Family Tree". An ImageList is also an ActiveX control which you can attach to a TreeView. When specifying the items for the treeview you specify the index in the ImageList that is the icon to use for that item.


Attached is an example. As I noted, the side-effect of large icons is that other stuff gets larger. 


Note: To add images to the ImageList, right-click on it and select ImageList->Properties. In the dialog box change to the "Images" tab and import your pictures. 


There's also a .NET TreeView, but I don't know how well that behaves with large icons. You may want to search the net for other viable controls. 

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Your vi , requires the following subvi-

Open tree



When I run your code, it was stucked for above two vi and not executed at all.


Hence it is requested to update the vi in addition to the present one (treeview large


Looking forward with earlist reply.




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Hi EnvironmentVariableLinux,


This topic is 4 years old, I would suggest posting a new topic to have a question answered, or try out the code exchange ( ) to see if there's some example code there that you could use.



Bobby Breyer
Applications Engineer
National Instruments
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