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Timeout Error while trying to read voltage from 2182A


I am using 2400 Keithley sourcemeter to bias a 10 Ohm resistor with +1mA (then -1mA). I want to use the 2182 to read the voltage across the resistor when the 2400 sources this current. On the hardware/physical set up the 2182 reads the correct voltage (9.8 mV). 

On the software side, I keep getting a timeout (VISA (Hex 0xBFFF0015) ) error when I run the code. 



(this is the part in the code where I config, initialize and start the 2182 buffer VIs. full code file attached.)

I ran the 2182 example VI 'Data buffer store and acquire' for DC voltage reading and it works just fine. So I do not believe there is sth wrong in my timeout settings/termination character. 

Pretty new with labview so any guidance at all is appreciated! Am I using too many time delays or not enough? I tried increasing the timeout of my instruments in VISA panel but that does not help. 

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Have you tried communicating with your VISA device using MAX?  Open MAX, find your device, and open a Test Panel.  You can configure VISA as you think it should be (Baud Rate, whether or not you are using a Termination Character, which you probably should be doing), and can try sending commands and getting responses from it.  Once you have figured out how to communicate with your device, you can program these sequences in LabVIEW.


There are a number of posts about the "wrong way" to talk to VISA (Bytes at Port are almost always a big No-No).  See if you can find a post by Forum member @crossrulz who has spoken a lot on this topic.


Bob Schor

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This presentation may address the problems you are having with reading voltage using VISA.  See if following these suggestions fixes your problem ...


Bob Schor

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