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How to display intensity graph from sub vi to main vi?

Hi, I want to make a simulation of thermal distribution in 2d with 3 heat sources with different positions (x1,y1 ; x2,y2 ; x3,y3). I already have a simulation of thermal distribution with 1 source (which wasn't made by me). I will attach the VI pictures.


I only have some basic knowledges about labview, so I keep trying to find the easy way to simulate it. One idea that I have is making the thermal distribution with 1 source as a sub vi. Then in the main vi, I will use that sub vi 3 TIMES to make the simulation with 3 sources. The results of those 3 sub vi will be combined in the main vi. I don't really know if that's possible or not.


So first, I want to show the result of intensity graph from sub vi to main vi. And from this forum I found about control refnum as a way to show a graph that's created in a subvi. But the block diagram from my thermal distribution vi is pretty complex and I don't really understand about it.


Is it possible to pass 3 parameters and show 3 intensity graphs results from sub vi to main vi? Sorry if my words are confusing. block diagram.pngfront panel.pngThank you for your time and attention. 

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This seems to be a shipping example. Did you make any modifications to it?


An intensity graph is just a 2D array, so all you need is a subVI that takes the desired inputs and returns such a 2D array on an output terminal once the calculation is complete. (You can even make it reentrant so all three copies can run simultaneously on multiple cores).

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I can make some modifications to it, but honestly I don't really understand how subVI works. Especially since it returns value every seconds (real time)

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The term "real time" has a special meaning and that's not it. Did you start with the training resources listed at the top of the forum? (Sorry, posting by phone).

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Oops sorry about that "real time" meaning. This video should make it more clear.


I didn't start with the training resources because I already know about some basics from my college. I will check the training resources.


Also sorry about the late reply, I'm a new user

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No, that video makes nothing "clear" and it is completely meaningless. They did not even create the VI! All they did is plagiarize an existing example that ships with LabVIEW, then make a movie changing some controls while running it and adding very annoying background music. The main purpose of this video is to advertising their website. 100% hot air, nothing more.


I told you there is a lot of garbage on YouTube!

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No, this is the file that I use

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