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Time synchronization using SNTP

Thank you both for your suggestions, I will synchronize time and date programmatically via NTP.

Once I finish writing the VI, I will post it back here.




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Hi Cameron, Marko,

I've run into some of the issues you guys talk about here and was wondering if you ever got a solution for this?

Cameron, you mention it retries 5 times and then stops - until prompt to do so. How exactly do you do this? Can you configure this number of retries?


Thanks a lot!




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@mgulin wrote:

Hello all,


I my trying to set up SNTP synchronization of my cRIO to NTP server. To do that, I followed instructions in:

When I did reboot on my cRIO, time synchronization was successful. Then I changed the clock on cRIO manually to be 2 minutes ahead of that on NTP server. In this way I wanted to test the time synchronization, but nothing happened, i.e. after 30 minutes of waiting clock on the cRIO is still 2 minutes ahead (synchronization interval is set to 5 seconds).

My question is - if I set the clock on cRIO manually to be 2 minutes ahead, will it always be 2 minutes ahead, i.e. will it be synchronized like that? Or SNTP synchronization is not working well?

If synchronization is working well (i.e. it synchronizes 2 minutes ahead because of my manual intervention), how can I test that synchronization is working well during runtime?


Also, I've read somewhere that after synchronization fails to connect with SNTP server 5 times, it won't try ever again. Is this true, and if it is how can I change this?




I know this is answering an ancient post, but I thought I'd mention that a proper implementation of NTP will not jump backwards in time, but rather slows the clock until time catches up to it.  A clock should never run backwards!  In other words, maybe NTP was working properly, but since you set the clock ahead 2 minutes, it was slowing the clock down and you didn't notice.  (For such a big jump, it may take quite a while - might even be days before it finally syncs.)

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