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Time loops problem

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@dkidw2010 wrote:

We now agree that this is a problem in LV and not the logic of the programmer (me).  I will mark this tread as complete.


Apparently, the timed loop does just generate one tread for execution, as I guessed.  I do not agree that this is important aspect of timed loops as one could use them for polling.  In any case, nothing is mentioned in the documentation nor restrictions on their use.


I have attached another example of why it fails (and could likely think of many more).  This example is just using two dependent loops.  Apparently, any process that waits on another will cause it to fail whereas it works fine when called from a typical while loop.


Thanks for you help.  I learn something new everyday.


I disagree.  This is like using a screwdriver as a hammer and then complaining that it doesn't drive nails into wood and then blaming the screwdriver for not working correctly.

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