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IVI-COM for Keysight N9020B MXA Spectrum Analyser measurements

Hi all,

I am fairly new to the LabVIEW and I am looking forward to some guidance on how to create IVI COM drivers for Keysight N9020B MXA Spectrum Analyser.


I am using LabVIEW 2020 version 20.0f1(64 bit) and I am trying to develop an automation test procedure for Keysight N9020B Spectrum Analyser. I have downloaded the IVI-COM drivers for the instrument (Keysight N9020B spectrum analyser). I have developed PLUG and PLAY drivers for the instruments and they work fine.


Unfortunately, the functions (Method/properties) in IVI-COM I am trying to build are not available in the IVI-COM library for the instrument (for example, I can build the Centre frequency, span, stop/start frequency but Reference level function or Integration bandwidth function is not available.


Another example is that, for Adjacent Channel Power measurement I was able to build the centre frequency function (Method/properties) but other functions (Method/properties) such as Average num holder, Carrier spacing etc were not available I the IVI-COM library for N9020B instrument.


I found one example “C:\Program Files\IVI Foundation\IVI\Drivers\AgXSAn\Examples\LabVIEW” but it’s not helpful what I am trying to achieve.


Could I please ask if anyone would be able to create the channel power measurement in IVI-COM drivers and take some screenshots of the whole process of making the CHANNEL POWER measurement in IVI-COM drivers from scratch? That would be great as it will give me some idea how I go about resolving this particular task and then I will take this Channel power measurement example to complete other measurements such as ACP, OBW etc.

The parameters required for Channel Power are


Configure Channel power           

Centre Frequency

Integration Bandwidth

Reference Level

Read Channel Power ( Channel Power and Spectral Density)


Also, if the Methods/Properties that do not exist in the library(in this case parameters for channel power for example), is it possible to create those missing Methods/Properties? If so, could you please point me in the right direction.


If my questions are ambiguous or need further details, please let me know and I will try to capture the screenshots and upload.


I am looking forward to hearing from you.



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I am not an expert, but based on my understanding of the IVI foundation, it could be the case that they never add such functions to be part of a typical IVI SpecaAN class.


You might want to look into IVI SpecAn specifications -


My understanding is that IVI driver has functions that are common or basic for a specific type across all vendors. Again, I could be wrong, looking to learn something based on how this topic goes.


Curious question, why IVI when LV drivers are available? aren't there IVI drivers from Keysight itself?

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Hi Santhosh,


Thanks for quick reply and sending me the link to pdf.


To answer to your question, it is my understanding that less programming is involved in IVI-COM and saves time and also its easy to work with. It is interoperable as this piece of programming I am currently working on is the partial programming of the test automation procedure.

For now, I am working on Spectrum analyser but I will have to create LV programming for different instruments such as Signal Generator, Power Meter, Noise Generator, BERT etc in near future and I will have to combine different instruments for the test procedure which means I would combine LV programming for instruments in single VI.


I have looked into another program created by someone where they have combined different instruments drivers(instrument) together in one VI and its way more complicated for me as its in plug and play/visa and they do not work with the instruments I am working on (different vendors).


I have already downloaded the instruments drivers(plug and play) from vendors website and they work fine(although not all functions were available in Instrument drivers so I had to create/modify the instruments drivers so they meet our needs). I am looking into exploring IVI-COM option to see if it is better option.





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