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Time and data to Excel



I am using Labview 8.6 on a MAC OSX and have daqmxbase.  I currently use tick count for time and am having the data exported as a simple text file.  I was wondering if there was a better way to collect time data and export it to an excel file along with my graph data.  It would be ideal to have the time in seconds instead of a large random number that starts in the power of 158238912  I have looked at various examples but non seem to fit my VI or the program I am using.  I have attached my VI for reference.  Thank you very much.



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Tick count is a timer value that is completely meaningless to real time.  Get Time in Seconds would be better.


Best would be to use Get Date/Time String and concatenate the data and time together if you need to.  Convert your numeric data to a string, build a string array, and write that to the spreadsheet file.

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I still seem to be having trouble with this.  Is there an example or diagram you can refer me to.  I have get date/time in seconds outside of the loop connecting to get date/time string which is then concatenated with the data from the graph.  I'm having trouble sending this to the 2D data in write to spreadsheet.  Any suggestions or help is much appreciated.

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Get Date/Time String,  Array to Spreadsheet String,  Concatenate,  Write to Text File

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