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Testing product with USB Port

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Hi adambe,


Looks like this solution is working. I will give it a thorough testing, and if this works out great, you are on your way of getting a Kudos.

Thanks for the help.

I found this document on FTDI website after going through your post. It explains a lot of things.


Kind Regards.

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Hi SnowMule,


Thanks for your help. We are already using the Devcon. 

Our main issue is the device detection time by Windows.


Kind Regards.

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It appears that you have some hardware and software expertise at the microcontroller level.


Would it be feasible to design your own USB isolator/repeater?  It would consist of a USB connection to the Windows computer (which never gets disconnected) a microcontroller to manage the USB connection and then a second USB port to connect to your device under test, also managed by the microcontroller.  I have not done this but it seems like a possible way to fool Windows into thinking that you have not changed devices.



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