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Temperature Based Compressor Control

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Hi pjr1121, I do not intend anyone to provide me a fully functional vi. All I need is to understand the concept of that kind of controls. If someone sheds the light on it, I am sure that I can do it. Anyway, set points and rpm values are gathered from a simulation program not from an experiment. I will test the simulation program if I code this vi in an experiment.

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Revised with my original code it seems to work as requested.  On until reaches less than 0, turn off, wait until exceed 8, turn on, wait till less than 0, turn off.





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Dude, you totally misunderstood the concept. Your code is not working as requested. I attached a graph result of the vi that I attached previously. Please check its result and your own results.

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The only difference I see here is that my code checks for LESS THAN ZERO.  You seem to want it at zero.  Just replace less than with a less than or equal.



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Do we talk on the vi that you prepared? Your result is attached. I figured out it, but I typed previously about reverse fluctuations. Do you read about it? I also attached a result screen of reverse fluctuations. Anyway, thank you very much for your suggestions, I am so grateful.

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Ya, as I said my code was for LESS than zero.  Since the data points only reached exactly zero, it didn't turn off.  Re-opening the vi I realized that I didn't save the changes I made to the raw data (i changed zeros to -1 for my test and this is why I thought your graph was from my code).  


Here is the Corrected version with LESS THAN OR EQUAL.  No fluctuations in this one.

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I did not recognize it. Thank you very much. It is proper now 😄

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