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How to playback a digital waveform

Hi I would like to do some post processing work on a digital graph data. I would like to use 2 seperate VIs for data acquisation and post processing. So first I acquire the data  then pass the whole waveform data as an input to the other subVI but I olways get the last waveform  . Could you please let me know how I can pass the whole information about a continous digital waveform without saving it on disk


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You can do a variety of things, such as building an array of waveforms by auto-indexing them where you wire out of the aquisition loop.  Alternatively, if you want just a single long waveform, the Append (Functions -> Programming -> Waveform -> Analog Waveform) should do nicely.  You can also manipulate the waveform components directly and append the data arrays if you want some more control over it, but that's pretty much what the built in vi does.

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