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Tdms write - how to buffer digital waveform data?



I have a vi that writes to a data file point by point, and to reduce file size and fragmentation, I am attempting to buffer my tdms writes with the "NI_MinimumBufferSize" property.  


My vi works properly when I do not include buffering, but when I do, I get "Error -2507: Invalid group name and/or channel name" when attempting to write digital waveform data.  The error does not occur when attempting to write analog data.  When I do not set the "NI_MinimumBufferSize" property, the "tdms write" vi uses the daqmx virtual channel names, as expected.


The error only occurs once the buffer fills, and the vi attempts to write to the disk; the prior "tdms write" function calls do not cause any errors.


Attached are the working (no buffering) and not working (with buffering) vis. 


Does anyone know how to solve this error?  Thank you in advance.

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