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Tab Control behaving like it's disabled but not

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I have a tab control that has stopped working at run time. It is acting like it is disabled when it is Enabled. At edit time I am able to click on the tabs and they visually change. When I run, clicking on the tabs does not change tabs.   I have reduced the vi to a simple loop with 200 mS delay and the tab, with nothing else. The tab controls is the only thing in the vi.  I have ensured that the tab is Enabled in Properties dialog box. I did notice one odd thing: the Key Navigation tab (in Properties), it is all greyed out.  Again, the tab control in in fact Enabled but it is behaving like it is not. I have tried recompiling. Is there some other setting? Why is key naviation greyed out? I am using LabVIEW 2015.  Thanks!

2016-10-31,  LV 2015 Tab Control not working.png

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Ooops!! Problem solved. I somehow accidentally changed it to an indicator! Sorry for premature post.

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Same thing happened to me...


Forum Works !!




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