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TIFF Saving in Labview using open-source libraries

My image(s) is 12-bit grayscale utilizing the U16 format ... The buffer array is a 4-byte array (32-bit) array... I am currently looking to see if I can customize any of the suggested ideas here since I remember reading somewhere that TIFF saving is usually done as a byte-array (in most of the libraries available / developed , LabVIEW or otherwise) .... Also I would be doing both reading and writing of the images and I want them to be displayed as per their true pixel values (Even using a byte array I can code 4-byte data consecutively for each pixel , but I am guessing that could cause a display issue when I open my images) ... Lot of options to play around with ... Let me get back on this...

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@RTSLVU , Saving as TIFF is a part of a small process built on LabVIEW ... Its not exactly a standalone requirement ...which is why I want to incorporate TIFF saving in LabVIEW with the rest of the process...

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