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TDS 3014B measure

Dear all,


I want to control an oscilloscope from Tektronix, TDS 3014B, connected through ethernet cable, with a labview software. I created a VI that shows the waveform on my screen but now I need to do some measures like period, frequency etc...

I found the commands (MEASUREMENT:MEAS1:TYPE PERIod) in a manual and they are working if I send them by the VISA test panel and if I write the command in the VI but I can't read the measurement.
Can anyone help me?

Thanks for assistance

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All you are doing is telling the scope to setup a measurement.  You still have to request it.  Since you already have the driver installed, why not just use the Read Waveform that is in the Data sub-palette?

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Thank you for the response. I was focusing on the command because the professor suggested it, but with Read Waveform is very simple.

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