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Please how can I read all group of TDMS file in one time ?




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Hi Fred,


how can I read all group of TDMS file in one time ?

"TDMS List Contents" will list all groups and channels with just one call…

Best regards,

using LV2016/2019/2021 on Win10/11+cRIO, TestStand2016/2019
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is there any way to have all group in one time ?

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Your title, wording, and questions are unclear.  But I think all you need is a for loop indexing the array.  If you are new to LabVIEW here are some free training links.  Otherwise I'd say show us what you tried and what you want it to do.



NI Learning Center

NI Getting Started

-Hardware Basics

-MyRIO Project Essentials Guide (lots of good simple circuits with links to youtube demonstrations)

-LabVEW Basics

-DAQ Application Tutorials

-cRIO Developer's Guide 

Learn NI Training Resource Videos

6 Hour LabVIEW Introduction
Self Paced training for students
Self Paced training beginner to advanced, SSP Required

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Accepted by topic author Fred19ni

Thanks for yours replies.


I'm not new in LabVIEW. Sorry for my title.

Sometime I have a way for a problem and I want other opinions.

I thought that there was a VI for that.


And since I used a two for loops. The first to auto-index the groups of List content, the second for Channel of every group and a multiple dimension array for Datas. And I thought that there was other way or VI.


Thanks for All and sorry for my English.


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If you want advice or second opinion - post code!


A block diagram is better than a thousand word question/explanation.

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