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TDMS File Spec Question (Metadata)



More TDMS questions from me.

I'm struggling to understand from the spec under what circumstances you would ever see the kToCMetaData bit unset?

The optimization section implies that if the object information is unchanged, then a new write will append raw data to the prior segment and retroactively update the "next segment" offset in the existing segment. The example then goes on to add other channels, change length etc, but it never shows an example in which a segment is written without metadata in a way that you would expect to read a new lead in for that segment? Confusing!


Can anyone provide an example in which a new segment is created with a lead in, but there is no metadata present?

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Unfortunately I couldn't find an example, but I can recommend you to go over this article TDMS File Format Internal Structure - NI.

I think it will be very useful for you.

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