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TDMS File Extension Installation For Excel

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This very well may be a support issue that I need to reach out to NI about specifically but I thought I'd see if anyone in the community has experienced this issue first and found a fix for it.


There exists an add-in for Excel to be able to open and utilize the raw data of a .tdms file in Excel and it can be found here:

TDM Excel Add-In for Microsoft Excel Download - NI


This downloads an installer like most typical software downloads. I click on the installer to begin the process and a dialogue window displays asking me to choose which software I would like to install and the option window is completely blank. It does not give me the option to choose anything to install.


I've checked if maybe the problem was that it detected the presence of this add-in already installed on my workstation and therefore doesn't show up as an option, but I cannot find any evidence of this being the case. It does not show up in the COM add-in section of the options in Excel. It does not show up in any kind of NI based package manager that I have available to me. And it does not show up in Programs and Features (even though I'm not sure it would being an add-in but I checked just in case.)


Having this add-in would be such a huge help so that a coworker or the like doesn't have to convert it into a .csv or .xlsx for me before I can work with it, or having to utilize a .tdms python library to pull the file into a script. 


Any feedback or experiences anyone has to share would be greatly appreciated!

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Accepted by topic author darrenlwoodson

NI has just released (11/24) a new version (21.3) of the TDM Excel Add-In.

Can you please confirm, that this new installer was being used?

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Hello StefanR,


This is great timing, as I tried this new version/installer which correctly opened the installation via my package manager, let me install the software, and upon rebooting I could successfully open TDMS files in excel. I'm not sure what the problem was with the previous version of the installation and/or software but I'm just grateful its working now!


Thanks for letting me know a new update had just come out for this tool!

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